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Backup Generator During COVID-19

It’s a tough time around the globe right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. People all around the world are staying home in isolation. Families, elderly, and individuals are sharing the responsibility of social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus. For many people, backup generators will play a major role in staying home… Read more »

Advantages of Permanent Generators vs. Portable Generators

Losing power as a result of a hurricane, snowstorm or another weather-related event or service downtime can be incredibly frustrating. If the power doesn’t return to your home for several hours – or, in a worst-case scenario, several days – you could be forced to throw out food that has gone bad, layer up your… Read more »

Signs Your Backup Generator Isn’t Working

It’s important to make sure your backup generator is working properly in case of an emergency. You never want to get hit with a power outage and not have your backup generator to save you. Here’s why you should check your backup generator see if it’s working properly and what signs to look out for… Read more »

Power Outage in the Adirondacks Affects Thousands

A snow and ice storm hit the Adirondacks on Friday, February 7. Thousands of people suffered power outages around Lake George, which left nearly 7,000 without power even on Sunday. Many homeowners know that the winters and storms in the Adirondacks are difficult to live through, and many have backup generators, but do all have… Read more »

Why Are People Buying Backup Generators?

All over the country, more and more people are purchasing backup generators for their homes to prepare for possibly severe storms depending on the season. We see in California that the wildfire intensity is on the rise each wildfire season, and more people are experiencing power outages or worse losing their homes. Other places down… Read more »

Preparing Your Backup Generator for the Storm

Let’s say a storm is about to hit your region, and you have a backup generator, but you haven’t used it in quite some time. It’s extremely important that you check up on the generator before the storm hits, so you know that it will work properly if you lose electricity in your home. Here… Read more »

Florida Nursing Homes and the Backup Generator Requirement

Florida mandated all long-term care providers to have backup generators in their facilities or else they will be faced with losing their license. As of 2019, there are still less than half of the nursing homes that have not obtained state and local approvals for the mandate. The mandate requires nursing homes and assisted living… Read more »

Places that Need Backup Generators the Most

It’s very important that homeowners and businesses have backup generators because you never know when a power outage or storm can occur. Some places need backup generators more than others, and here is why. If a storm or power outage occurs, hospitals, nursing homes, and other emergency services need to have power in order to… Read more »

How Does a Cummins Generator Work?

Many homeowners are wondering how a Cummins Generator actually works in an emergency situation. There are many of great benefits to having a generator for your home when a storm hits and a power outage occurs, but actually goes into the mechanics on how it turns on and fuels energy for your home is a… Read more »

The Backup Generator Boom in California

The wildfires happening in California have been devastating to families and their homes. The wildfires have been a major concern for residents, especially with the warm weather and the wind coming off the ocean. Backup generators weren’t a he necessity to California residents until now when the state utility Pacific Gas & Electric decided it… Read more »