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Do We Need Backup Generators More Than Ever?

Power outages

If you’re wondering about how to backup your home’s power, then you have come to the right place. A backup generator system from Kinzie Generators might be the best solution and precautionary measure in case of an emergency. Power outages aren’t just caused by storms and other common accidents anymore. Overloads, hacking and rolling blackouts… Read more »

How Hacking Could Be the New Main Cause for Power Outages

Hackers cauing power outages and blackouts

There is a growing threat from hacking since power systems and electrical grids are changing. Global grid investments are now dedicated to the digital network infrastructure, which means the landscape has changed regarding the electrical grid. Hackers May Be Aiming for the United States Grid Hackers known for the cyberattack in 2017 to the Saudi… Read more »

The Many Advantages of a Cummins Generator

At Kinzie Generators, we seek to offer products that are reliable, safe, affordable, and right for our customers. Especially for a product as complicated as backup generators, which really require a certain standard of expertise and experience that not many companies can live up to. You need to know that the generator you’re buying will… Read more »

Why Noise Control Should Be a Necessity with Your Backup Generator

Quiet Backup Generator

Backup generators are key in remaining safe, comfortable and productive during a power outage. However, we also know that backup generators can make a lot of noise. Between the engine, cooling fan, and other mechanical processes, a generator has the ability to reach high decibels. That’s why it’s not only essential to equip your home… Read more »