Standby Generators in Bethesda, MD & Surrounding Areas

Kinzie, Inc. has formed a team of highly reputable and qualified experts to provide backup generators to those customers who demand reliability, security and peace of mind that their backup power is in capable hands.

  • Onan Cummins Generator, since 1920, leading generator and switch manufacturer, provides equipment, maintenance, and service
  • John G. Webster Plumbing Company, established in 1912, provides the gas hookup
  • Kinzie Inc., established in 1995, coordinates marketing, sales, installation and landscaping (Member, Better Business Bureau)

Cummins Backup Generators:

  • Top-of-the-line Onan (Cummins) generators — clean, quiet and neighborhood friendly
  • Generator automatically activates when utility power is interrupted
  • System powered by natural gas, propane or diesel
Top Cummins Dealer Award - 2012 & 2013

NO MORE! – Spoiled food, frozen pipes, flooded basements, darkness, security systems down, computer down, no phones, no fax, no air conditioning, no fridge, no freezer, no stove, no coffee maker, jammed garage doors, no TV!!

Call us today at 301-365-4226 and be ready the next time the power is out!